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12.08.15 Los Lobos Short Side of Nothing - O2 Arena, London 6/17/13

Los Lobos performing "Short Side of Nothing" in support of Neil Young & crazy Horse live at the O2 Arena, London on June 18th, 2013.

11.25.15 Los Lobos & Neko Case - One Time One Night - 5/5/12 Los Angeles, CA

Happy Thanksgiving Los Lobos fans! Hope you all have a great holiday season. Here is a performance of "One Time One Night" the boys did with Neko Case back in 2012 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for Cinco de Mayo.

11.18.15 Los Lobos - Good Morning Aztlan - Austin, TX 5/1/01

Here is a 2001 performance from Austin, Texas. Los Lobos plays the title track from their 2002 album "Good Morning Aztlan". The three guitars in this song really bring it together!

11.11.15 Los Lobos - Cumbia Raza - Sydney, AU 1/19/11

Check out this performance of Cumbia Raza in Sydney from back in 2011! Moshcam brings us this great video of Los Lobos playing the song "Cumbia Raza" LIVE in Sydney at the Enmore Theatre in January 2011. Enjoy!

11.04.15 Los Lobos "Oh Donna" - Peachtree City - 5/18/2013

Los Lobos perform "Oh Donna" at the Fredrick Brown Jr. Amphitheater in Peachtree City, GA. This performance of "Oh Donna" is from May 2013 in Georgia. The song is a cover from Ritchie Valens.

10.28.15 Los Lobos - Gates Of Gold - Chicago 9/24/15

Los Lobos perform "Gates of Gold" at 93XRT in Chicago. Los Lobos performs the the title track from their new album, "Gates of Gold" at the live stream for 93XRT in Chicago! Check it out!

10.21.15 Los Lobos - Poquito Para Aqui - Chicago 9/24/15

Los Lobos perform "Poquito Para Aqui" at 93XRT in Chicago Los Lobos perform "Poquito Para Aqui" at 93XRT in Chicago! This event was live streamed on September 24th from Studio X.

10.16.15 "Don't Worry Baby" at 93XRT in Chicago - Sept. 2015

Los Lobos perform "Don't Worry Baby" at 93XRT in Chicago Los Lobos perform "Don't Worry Baby" at 93XRT in Chicago! This event was live streamed on September 24th from Studio X.

10.07.15 Los Lobos - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival - Oct. 4th 2015

This weekend Los Lobos performed at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco! The set, which closed out the Towers of Gold stage on Sunday evening, was an eclectic mix of songs both new and old, fast & slow, happy & sad. The crowd loved it! If you were there, let us know what you liked about the performance.

09.29.15 Los Lobos - Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) - City Winery Dec. 2012

Check out this Los Lobos performance of "Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)" at the City Winery back in 2012! This version of the song is from the "Disconnected In New York City" album. This songs hits hard with some amazing basslines and that distinctive sax from Steve Berlin! Make sure to catch Los Lobos at the City Winery near you for their latest album, "Gates Of Gold"!

09.10.15 Los Lobos - Matter of Time - 3/26/1987 The Ritz New York

For Classic Live Lobos this week we've got a great recording from the 1987 performance at the Ritz in New York. Matter of Time is an amazing song off of "Will The Wolf Survive" that details the crossing of the border in search of a better life.

08.27.15 Los Lobos - Just A Man - 2013

This video from a ShoutFactoryMusic shows an amazing performance of "Just A Man" from the landmark album, Kiko. This video came from the 20th anniversary of Kiko's release to re-capture the mood and magic of the album. And who could forget that amazing solo by Cesar Rosas!!

08.18.15 Los Lobos -Dream in Blue - 1992

This video from a 1992 show Los Lobos playing "Dream in Blue" off their album Kiko. It was the first track from the album, which released the same year. This song is loved by Lobos fans for it's amazing syncopation!

08.04.15 Los Lobos - Angels With Dirty Faces - Live at the House of Blues (February 24th 2006)

On February 24, 2006, Los Lobos performed their seminal album Kiko in its entirety at the House Of Blues in San Diego, CA. Here they perform "Angels With Dirty Faces"

07.21.15 Los Lobos - Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio - Live in Sydney! (January 11th 2011)

This week's Classic Live Lobos is the fun texmex/Ranchera song Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio originally written by Flaco Jimenez and covered by many others since then. This song will always be a classic.

07.07.15 Los Lobos - I Got To Let You Know - Montreal April 22nd 1985

We've got the jazzy tune, "I Got To Let You Know" from the 1984 album "Will the Wolf Survive" for this week's Classic Live Lobos. This video was shot in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1985. Listen to that killer Sax and bass line!! A great performance.

06.30.15 Los Lobos - Let's Say Goodnight (Live on Thicke of The Night 1983)

It's another Los Lobos appearance on 'Thicke of The Night' from 1983! In this performance Los Lobos play "Let's Say Goodnight". This is one of the rare occasions you see Cesar without his famous sunglasses!

06.23.15 Los Lobos - Shakin Shakin Shakes (1987)

Live from the La Bamba Rock and Roll Review in 1987, Los Lobos perform "Shakin Shakin Shakes" from the 1987 album "By The Light Of The Moon". The video quality is a bit grainy, but the song still rocks as it always had! What's your favorite song from this album?

06.16.15 Los Lobos - The Train Don't Stop Here (8/22/2013)

Los Lobos perform "The Train Don't Stop Here" as part of a complete live performance of their landmark album "Kiko" which captures the band in peak performance during 2013

06.10.15 Los Lobos - Canto Veracruz (1/19/2011) - Live in Sydney (Moshcam)

This week's Classic Live Lobos is from when the band played in Sydney only 4 years ago! The talented folks over at Moshcam got the whole concert on video and here is the classic Canto a Veracruz from their album Acoustic en Vivo released in 2005.

06.02.15 Los Lobos - Revolution / Rattlesnake Shake / Dear Mr Fantasy (7/24/1999) - Woodstock 99, Rome, NY

This week's Classic Live Lobos is a awesome 12 minute set of Revolution transitioned into Rattlesnake Shake and then into Dear Mr.Fantasy! A bunch of great covers together! This footage is from Woodstock 99, where Los Lobos performed on the West Stage.

05.26.15 Los Lobos - Buzz Buzz Buzz (3/26/1987) - Ritz, New York, NY

Here's a fan favorite, from the 1987 show at the Ritz Theatre in New York, NY! It's Buzz Buzz Buzz, from Los Lobos' 1995 album, "Papa's Dream".

05.19.15 Los Lobos - Georgia Slop (11/26/1989) - Watsonville, CA High School Football Field

This week's we return to the show at Watsonville High School Football Field, to watch Los Lobos perform the funky tune, Georgia Slop!

05.12.15 Los Lobos - Volver Volver (11/26/1989) - Watsonville, CA High School Football Field
We've made it to the 100th Classic Live Lobos!!! It has been over 2 years since we started this project and it has been a crazy ride! We are looking forward to continuing this event in new ways so stay tuned for updates coming soon!

This week's song is Volver Volver, which Los Lobos has been playing live for decades and which first appeared on the compilation album "Just Another Band From East L.A." which was initially released in 1978. The play the song here on the lovely green Watsonsville football field.

05.06.15 Los Lobos - Angel Dance (7/24/1999) - Woodstock 99, Rome, NY
So much great footage from the Woodstock '99 Festival!! Watch Los Lobos perform "Angel Dance" as the took the West Stage by storm over 15 years ago!

The song Angel Dance is from the bands' 8th studio album, "The Neighborhood, which was released in 1990. Enjoy!

04.21.15 Los Lobos - Come On, Let's Go (3/26/1987) - Ritz, New York, NY
Classic Live Lobos continues this week with the 1987 Ritz Show in New York from last week. This time the song is "Come On, Let's Go"!

For 1987 this video looks pretty great! And the music sounds even better!

04.14.15 Los Lobos - Anselma (3/26/1987) - Ritz, New York, NY
For this week's CLassic Live Lobos we turn to the song Anselma off of the 1983 EP "...And a Time to Dance".

This performance of Anselma is from the 1987 Los Lobos show at the Ritz in New York, NY!

04.08.15 Los Lobos - Soy Mexico Americano (7/24/1999) - Woodstock 99 West Stage
Today we take a trip back to 1999 when Los Lobos performed at Woodstock 99 West Stage in Rome, NY.

This set included a bunch of cool covers including a riproaring take on Peter Green's "Rattlesnake Shake" that morphs into Traffic's "Dear Mr.Fantasy". Let in the set their own "Mas Y Mas" (a wild song on it's own) transitions into Hendrix's "Are you Experienced?".

03.31.15 Los Lobos - All Night Long (1989)
Los Lobos play "All Night Long" from the LP of the same name, which was released in 1985 on Vinyl.

Our footage this week comes from a show at New George's on May 26th 1989! The band often played at this venue in San Rafael and was noted for appearing there with the great Jerry Garcia.

Check it out!

03.24.15 Los Lobos - Carbina .30-.30 (1988)
Los Lobos play the classic revolution song Carbina .30-.30 in 1988!

This surprisingly good footage from 1988 shows Los Lobos playing Carbina at what appears to be Austin City Limits. Let us know if you remember this show!

Check it out!

03.17.15 Los Lobos with Jerry Garcia - Stadium Parking Lot, Foxboro, MA (1989)
Los Lobos jam with part of the Grateful Dead (Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir) in a parking lot of Foxboro Stadium in Foxboro, MA in July 1989. The video shows about 4 and a half minutes of what was a 20 minute mini-jam for the TV cameras. This particular video was captured as Bob was changing a string. You can hear the songs "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Sittin' On Top Of The World."

On May 14th we honor Jerry Garcia at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, for more info visit

Jerry Garcia with Los Lobos - "Let The Good Times Roll" & "Sittin' On Top Of The World" (1989)

03.10.15 Los Lobos - Don't Worry Baby (Live at Farm Aid 1986)
Los Lobos performs "Don't Worry Baby" live at the Farm Aid concert in Austin, Texas on July 4, 1986. Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid's board of directors in 2001.

For more information about Farm Aid, visit:

Farm Aid's performances are donated by the artists in order to raise funds and raise awareness for family farmers. They've raised their voices to help — what can you do?

Los Lobos - "Don't Worry Baby" (1986)

03.03.15 Los Lobos - Serenata Nortena - March 1987 at the Ritz!
Wow!!! Check out this great footage of Los Lobos playing "Serenata Nortena" off of their album "How Will the Wolf Survive" released in 1984. This was recorded at the Ritz in New York, NY in 1987 and although it looks a little dated on YouTube, the audio is not all that bad and the song is still a classic! Big thanks to Jam & Psych on Music Vault for collecting and publishing some great Los Lobos tracks from back in the day.

Los Lobos - "Serenata Nortena (1987)"

02.24.15 "That Train Don't Stop Here" Live in Germany 1999
It's refreshing to find videos of this quality from the 90s! Check out this live recording from Baden-Baden, Germany of "That Train Don't Stop Here" in 1999!

Los Lobos - "That Train Don't Stop Here (1999)"

02.17.15 Great recording of "Emily" from 1991
Los Lobos performs "Emily" in 1991. Check out the great quality that's been preserved on Youtube! This song is from the 1990 album, 'The Neighborhood'.

Los Lobos - "Emily (1991)"

02.10.15 Derek Trucks joins Dave & Cesar for "Don't Keep Me Wonderin'" at 2010 Guitar Fest
Check out Derek Trucks​ joining the stage with Cesar and Dave for a rockin' version of "Don't Keep Me Wonderin'" by Allman Brothers Band​. This was recorded at Eric Clapton​'s Guitar Festival in Chicago in 2010.

Cesar, Dave & Derek Trucks - "Don't Keep Me Wonderin' (2010)"

02.03.15 "Saint Behind The Glass" from Kiko Live, 2006
Happy Birthday to Louie Perez, who celebrated his 62nd last week! Featuring Louie on lead vocals, enjoy "Saint Behind The Glass" off the Kiko Live album, recorded on February 24, 2006.

"Los Lobos - Saint Behind The Glass (2006)"

01.27.15 Los Lobos Plays Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl" Live at 2012 Surrey Fusion Festival
Let's look back at the 2012 Surrey Fusion Festival, when Los Lobos closed their show with a cover of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl."

"Los Lobos - Cinnamon Girl (2012)"

01.20.15 "La Bamba" Live at MTV Awards 1987
Check out Los Lobos playing "La Bamba" during the 1987 MTV Awards! Not only is the crowd huge and going crazy, but viewers at home were able to tune in to this televised performance.

"Los Lobos - La Bamba Live at MTV Awards (1987)"

01.13.15 Kiko and the Lavender Moon (1996)
For this week's CLL we have a 1996 recording of "Kiko and the Lavender Moon" off of their ninth album entitled, "Kiko" which was released in 1992.

"Los Lobos - Kiko and the Lavender Moon (1996)"

01.06.15 Jimmy Vivino and Los Lobos at City Winery NYC (December 2014)
Jimmy Vivino from the Conan O'Brien house band recently took the stage with Los Lobos during their mini residency at City Winery over the 2014 holidays. Shortly after naming Los Lobos his favorite band alive, the group jam for nearly six minutes.

"Los Lobos Jam with Jimmy Vivino"

12.23.14 "Rudolph The Manic Reindeer", Christmas 1988
In spirit of the holidays, here is the bands contribution to Warner Bros' Winter Warnerland, "Rudolph The Manic Reindeer"! The compilation album was a limited edition pressing (less than 2500 pressed and distributed in the US only) and was never available for sale in stores. It was only shared with radio stations, record stores, artist managers, producers, and music journalists as a holiday gift in December 1988.

"Rudolph The Manic Reindeer"

12.16.14 "Don't Worry Baby" Live in Chicago, 2007 Crossroads Guitar Fest
In advance of three sold out shows at City Winery Chicago this upcoming weekend, here is an awesome version of “Don’t Worry Baby” from the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival at Toyota Park in Chicago.

"Don't Worry Baby" 2007

12.09.14 Mountain Stage 2002 "Hearts of Stone"
From a July 2002 Mountain Stage broadcast, this weeks CLL features a performance of "Hearts of Stone" in Charleston, WV.

"Hearts of Stone" 07/2002

11.11.14 "Will The Wolf Survive" Live at The Bing Lounge, February 2011
This week's Classic Live Lobos is a live radio performance of 1984 single "Will The Wolf Survive" at The Bing Lounge in Portland! The performance is from February of 2011. "Will The Wolf Survive" hit number 26 on Billboard Top Rock Tracks and number 78 on Billboard Hot 100!

"Will The Wolf Survive" 2/28/2011

11.04.14 "One Way Out" Live at Road Show Revival 2014
As winter approaches, we look back to summer memories. At Road Show Revival in June, a fan captured an eight and a half minute recording of Lobos and the Paladins' David Gonzalez jamming on the blues classic popularized by the Allman Brothers, "One Way Out"

"One Way Out" with David Gonzales, 6/14/2014

10.28.14 1992 "Just a Man" Performance on TV
This week's Classic Live Lobos brings us back 22 years. After releasing Kiko in May 1992, Los Lobos played a televised live performance of “Just a Man” that you can check out below.

"Just A Man" Live in 1992

10.21.14 Lobos Live on Thicke of the Night in 1983
Remember Thicke of the Night? No, not Robin Thicke. Los Lobos were special guests on the popular late show back 31 years ago, and here's a video of them playing "Come On, Let's Go"

"Come On, Let's Go" Live on Thicke of the Night in 1983

10.14.14 Blues Cruise 2014 "Little Wing" with Mike Zito
A modern day classic! From Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise just four days ago, we present “Little Wing” featuring Mike Zito. Enjoy!

"Little Wing" featuring Mike Zito

10.07.14 "Treat Her Righ" with Robert Plant and Los Lonely Boys from 2010 Taste of Chicago
Check out this great rendition of "Treat Her Righ" with Robert Plant and Los Lonely Boys. One of our fans posted this on our Facebook wall a few weeks ago and it was called "the best ever" in comments!! Filmed at the Taste of Chicago festival in 2010.

"Treat Her Righ" featuring Robert Plant and Los Lonely Boys

09.30.14 Los Lobos - And A Time to Dance 1984
Classic Live Lobos this week features three songs from a 1984 TV broadcast of Los Lobos Live.

The three songs that they performed are "Why Do You Do", "Let's Say Goodnight", and "Sleepwalk".

09.23.14 West LA Fadeaway with Curtis Salgado, July 2013
Classic Live Lobos this week features Curtis Salgado playing "West LA Fadeaway" with the band at Springfield Fairgrounds in Oregon last summer. There are some great harmonica solos worth checking out!

"West LA Fadeaway" featuring Curtis Salgado

09.16.14 Lobos in May 1993 PBS Special: "Tomorrow Never Knows" (Beatles Cover)
This week's #CLL is an excerpt from a 1993 PBS Special "In The Spotlight: A Beatles Songbook". Lobos play a Beatles cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows". Steve and Cesar discuss how the Beatles and the EMI sound influenced them and their music for the first minute.

"Tomorrow Never Knows"

09.09.14 Los Lobos and Sublime's Bud Gaugh play "Pawn Shop" in 2005
Lucky fans at the June 18, 2005 Los Lobos show in Stateline, NV got to see Sublime's Bud Gaugh fill in on drums for a Lobo version of "Pawn Shop."

"Pawn Shop"

08.19.14 "Bertha" Live from Further Festival, Summer 1997
Although we've shared past Classic Live videos of Los Lobos covering the Dead's "Bertha", this video from the 1997 Further Festival in Irvine, CA is one of our favorite versions.


08.05.14 Los Lobos on The Tonight Show with Leno 1996
Los Lobos appear on a 1996 episode of The Tonight Show with Leno playing "Can't Stop the Rain". They had just released the album that this song was released on 'Colossal Head'.

"Can't Stop the Rain"

07.29.14 Los Lobos and Damien Jurado: "Everybody's Talking"
A great rendition of the Harry Nilsson tune "Everybody's Talking" by Los Lobos and Damien Jurado, performed on eTown earlier this month. A modern day classic!

Los Lobos and Damien Jurado: "Everybody's Talking"

07.15.14 Lobos & The Seven Dwarves: "Heigh Ho!"
It’s hard to pick a top Classic Live Lobos video, but this one is definitely the most fun one we’ve seen! Lobos are joined by the seven dwarves at Walt Disney World in this classic rendition of “Heigh Ho” taken back in 2009.

Los Lobos and The Seven Dwarves: "Heigh Ho!"

07.08.14 Cesar, David and Buddy Guy play "Hey Joe" 3-14-14
This week’s Classic Live Lobos features Cesar and David joining Buddy Guy on the Experience Hendrix tour jamming to “Hey Joe.” The video was shot at The Chicago Theatre on March 14, 2014.

Cesar, David, Buddy Guy and the Experience Hendrix Tour: "Hey Joe"

07.01.14 Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris and Los Lobos on Jay Leno, 2-8-1993
Check out Los Lobos backing up Guy Clark and Emmylou Harris in a Jay Leno late night show from February 1993!

Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris and Los Lobos: "I Don't Love You Much Do I"

06.18.14 Lobos perform Tin Can Trust and Dream In Blue at Merlefest 2012.
This week's Classic Live Lobos is with Sam Bush at the Merlefest in 2012. They're performing both Tin Can Trust from the same titled album and Dream In Blue from Kiko.

Tin Can Trust and Dream In Blue

06.11.14 "I'm Tore Down" featuring Jerry Garcia - Live from San Rafael, May 1989
It's been about two months since we posted any Classic Live Lobos videos that were over ten years old, so this week's CLL is part of an encore of a May 1989 show in San Rafael, CA. Jerry Garcia joins Los Lobos for a cover of "I'm Tore Down", originally performed by Freddie King.

"I'm Tore Down" featuring Jerry Garcia

06.03.14 Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys "Crossroads" Jam at 2013 Lowdown Hudson Blues Fest
Classic Live Lobos today brings us back to Lowdown Hudson Blues Fest in July of 2013.  The Lobos and Los Lonely Boys shared the stage to jam on “Crossroads” and more in this 8 minute recording. 

"Crossroads" Jam

05.27.14 Roddie Romero & Steve Riley join Los Lobos at Blue Moon Saloon, Lafayette, 2014
Los Lobos are joined by Roddie Romero & Steve Riley in Lafayette, Louisiana singing

One Way Out

05.21.14 Los Lobos with Kid Ramos at House of Blues Anaheim, October 2009.
Los Lobos jamming out with blues guitarist Kid Ramos at House of Blues Anaheim in October 2009. Although it's not the best angle, the music was too good to not share with you all!

Jam Session

05.06.14 Feria de las Flores, The Greek Theatre, LA, March 3rd 2014
This performance of 'Feria de las Flores' happened just this past weekend at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles for the 3rd annual Cinco de Mayo Festival!

Feria de las Flores

04.22.14 Emily - recorded live at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 28th, 2011.
This performance of Emily was from Copenhagen in 2011. Emily is from Los Lobos' album "The Neighborhood" which came out in 1990.


04.08.14 La Pistola y El Corazón at Marin County Fair, 2012
La Pistola y El Corazón is from Los Lobos' 6th album also named "La Pistola y El Corazón" This album came out 1988 and was awarded the Grammy for Best Mexican-American/Tejano Music Performance in 1989! This live performance was at the Marin County Fair, 2012.

La Pistola y El Corazón

04.02.14 Tears Of God (SF 2004)
Tears Of God came out 1987 on Los Lobos' 5th album "By the Light of the Moon". This live video was taken 2004 at The Fillmore!

Tears Of God

03.25.14 Evangeline (Live in Montreal, Quebec, April 22nd, 1985)
Evangeline came out 1984 on Los Lobos' 4th album "How Will The Wolf Survive". This live video was taken on April 22 1985 in Montreal, Quebec.


03.18.14 Let's Say Goodnight (Live in Copenhagen, April 28th, 2011)
This live video of Let's Say Goodnight from Los Lobos album "And A Time To Dance" was taken in 2011 in Copenhagen! "And A Time To Dance" came out in 1983.

Let's Say Goodnight

03.11.14 Anselma/Bestel Mar - Rowwen Heze and Los Lobos
This live video is Los Lobos playing Anselma/Bestel Mar with Rowwen Heze, one of Netherlands biggest bands! Anselma was on Los Lobos' second album "Just Another Band From East L.A" which came out in 1978.

Anselma/Bestel Mar

03.04.14 Los Lobos performs "One Night In America" live at the Farm Aid concert on July 4, 1986.
Taking you back to July 4th 1986, here is Los Lobos performing "One Night In America" live at the Farm Aid concert in Austin, Texas. Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid's board of directors in 2001.

"One Night In America"

02.18.14 Los Lobos at The Fillmore with La Santa Cecilia band and Blondie Chaplin, 12-2013
Classic Live Lobos this week is Los Lobos at The Fillmore, San Francisco, December 2013 playing with some of La Santa Cecilia band and Blondie Chaplin. The sound isn't perfect but it's good enough to enjoy still! You'll hear the last few minutes of "Mas y Mas" and then a thunderous "La Bamba" Check it out.

"Mas y Mas" y "La Bamba"

02.11.14 Los Lobos and Gipsy Kings Perform La Bamba! 2006
Today's classic Live Lobos takes us back to 2006 with this performance of "La Bamba" with the Gipsy Kings. A fantastic performance with an impressive amount of guitars playing in sync!

"La Bamba"

02.04.14 Los Lobos with Taj Mahal and Blondie Chaplin at The Fillmore, SF on 12.21.13
Classic Live Lobos today is from the December 21st, 2013 concert that took place at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Joining Los Lobos in this longer-than-usual-but-worth-every-minute-video is Taj Mahal and Blondie Chaplin!

Various Songs Including Everybody's Got To Change Sometimes

01.28.14 Los Lobos "Don't Keep Me Wondering" at The Fillmore, December 2013
Today's Classic Live Lobos is Los Lobos performing "Don't Keep Me Wondering" at The Fillmore in San Francisco on December 21st 2013.

Don't Keep Me Wondering

12.17.13 Los Lobos w/Willie G at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, May 5, 2013
Today's Classic Live Lobos is Los Lobos and Willie G at The Greek Theatre on Cinco de Mayo, 2013. They're performing two of Willie G's hits.

Two Willie G hits

12.10.13 Los Lobos w/Amy Helm performing "A Matter Of Time", December 2013
Today's Classic Live Lobos is Los Lobos and Amy Helm at Tarrytown Music Hall, December 5th 2013. Together they're performing "A Matter Of Time".

A Matter Of Time

11.26.13 Los Lobos performing "Come On, Let's Go" in Golden Gate Park
Today's Classic Live Lobos is the guys performing "Come On, Let's Go" at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco on October 5th 2013.

Come On, Let's Go

11.19.13 Los Lobos performing "Whiskey Trail"
Today's Classic Live Lobos is the guys performing "Whiskey Trail" from their landmark album "Kiko"!

Whiskey Trail

10.16.13 Los Lobos performing La Pistola Y El Corazon (2013)
Today's Classic Live Lobos was taken On October 5th 2013 at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco! Here they are performing La Pistola Y El Corazon from their 7th album released in 1988!

La Pistola Y El Corazon

10.08.13 Los Lobos and Boz Scaggs playing "What's Goin On?" at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (2013)
Classic Live Lobos today was taken just this past Saturday October 5th with Boz Scaggs at the 2013 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco! Relive the Los Lobos set by visiting:

What's Goin' On?

10.01.13 David Hidalgo with Marc Ribot (2013)
Today's Classic Live Lobos is with David Hidalgo with Marc Ribot at the City Winery, NYC Sept 2013!


09.24.13 Los Lobos at Merlefest - Burn It Down, w/Tedeschi, Trucks & Bush
Today's Classic Live Lobos is with Sam Bush, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi at the Merlefest 2012!

Burn It Down

09.19.13 Los Lobos w/Warren Haynes and Jackie Greene at the 2011 Xmas Jam in Asheville (Bertha)
Today's Classic Live Lobos is with Warren Haynes and Jackie Greene, on December 10th at the 2011 Xmas Jam in Asheville, North Carolina!


09.10.13 Los Lobos w/Sam Bush and Derek Trucks playing Bertha (Grateful Dead cover), at Merlefest (2012)
Today's Classic Live Lobos is with Sam Bush and Derek Trucks playing the Grateful Dead cover, Bertha, at the Merlefest in North Carolina in 2012!

09.03.13 Los Lobos w/Joel Guzman performing at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA (2013)
Today's Classic Live Lobos comes live from the HOHNER Booth at the 2013 winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Joining them on accordion is Grammy Award Winner Joel Guzman.

08.20.13 Los Lobos w/Los Lonely Boys performing "La Bamba" in Copenhagen (2011)
Classic Live Lobos today is of the traditional "La Bamba" which they originally recorded in 1987 for the Ritchie Valens movie "La Bamba". This version featuring Los Lonely Boys was recorded live at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 28th, 2011.

La Bamba

08.13.13 Los Lobos w/Carlos Santana doing an Encore Jam (1986)
Today's live Lobos video is the band playing with Carlos Santana during an Encore Jam at a show in San Rafael, California. This was taken on November 21st, 1986!

Encore Jam

08.06.13 Los Lobos with Thea Roggenbuck performing "Purple Haze" (2009)
This special Classic Live Lobos features the band with young Thea Roggenbuck! Together they perform "Purple Haze" at the Blues on the Fox Festival in Aurora, Illinois, July 20, 2009

Purple Haze

07.30.13 Los Lobos w/Jerry Garcia performing "Buzz Buzz Buzz" (1989)
This live Lobos video is with Jerry Garcia performing "Buzz Buzz Buzz". This was taken in San Rafael, California on May 26th, 1989 so you might need to excuse the "buzz" of the 1989 sound quality in a couple of parts!

Buzz Buzz Buzz

07.23.13 David and Alejandro Escovedo performing Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane"
This live Lobos video was taken in Kansas City, Missouri on June 29th, 2013. This video is of Alejandro Escovedo and David Hidalgo performing Neil Young's classic "Like a Hurricane".

Like A Hurricane

07.16.13 LOS LOBOS W/Haley McLean "One Time One Night" at the Fender Visitor Center opening celebration.
This live Lobos video comes from the grand opening celebration of the Fender Visitor Center on September 14th, 2011. Enjoy this performance of "One Time One Night" with Canada's guitar goddess, Hayley McLean.

One Time One Night

07.09.13 LOS LOBOS W/Dwayne Verheyden "Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio" recorded at Pachanga Latino Festival (2013)
Today's Classic Live Lobos features the band playing with Dwayne Verheyden (from Holland) at the 2013 Pachanga Latino Music Festival.

Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio

Today's Classic Live Lobos features Los Lobos playing with Eric Clapton at his Crossroads Guitar Festival at Madison Square Garden in April this year.

Tin Can Trust

06.25.13 Los Lobos w/Josh Fischel "Santeria" (2012)
This week's Classic Live Lobos features the band rehearsing backstage with Josh Fischel. Check out this awesome behind the scenes clip of the band performing, "Santeria" with Josh Fischel on vocals.

06.18.13 Los Lobos with Rowwen Heze
This week's Classic Live Lobos features the band performing with Rowwen Heze, a band from the small village of America in the south of Netherlands. Enjoy their great performance of "De Moan/Estoy Sentado Aqui."

De Moan/Estoy Sentado Aqui

06.11.13 Los Lobos w/Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi & Sam Bush "The Neighborhood" (2012)
This week's Classic Live Lobos features the band performing at Merlefest in North Carolina with special guests Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi & Sam Bush! Enjoy this awesome live performance of "The Neighborhood."

The Neighborhood

06.04.13 Los Lobos w/Manuel Ramirez "Have You Ever Loved A Woman" (2011)
This week's Classic Live Lobos features the band joined with special guest Manuel Ramirez on Tenor Sax. Watch this amazing live performance of "Have You Ever Loved A Woman" from the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Have You Ever Loved A Woman

05.28.13 Los Lobos "Chuco's Cumbia" (2006)
This week's Classic Live Lobos features the band performing at the Austin City Limits festival. Check out the band's great live rendition of "Chuco's Cumbia"

Chuco's Cumbia

05.21.13 Los Lobos "Yo Canto" (2010)
This week's Classic Live Lobos features the band performing at the incredible Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA. Check out this awesome performance of "Yo Canto"

Yo Canto

05.14.13 Los Lobos "Don't Worry Baby" (1984)
This week's Classic Live Lobos is a throwback from 1984. Enjoy the band's awesome performance of "Don't Worry Baby" on the BBC's Whistle Test Program.

Don't Worry Baby

05.07.13 Los Lobos with Rick Trevino, Robert Randolph and Los Super Seven "He Stopped Loving Her Today" (2013)
This week's Classic Live Lobos features the band with Rick Trevino, Robert Randolph, and Los Super Seven performing "He Stopped Loving Her Today" at the 2nd Annual Los Lobos Cinco de Mayo Festival. What a great show!

He Stopped Loving Her Today

04.30.13 Los Lobos with Flaco Jimenez on Accordion "Volver Volver" (2012)
With just 5 days remaining until the Second Annual Los Lobos' Cinco de Mayo festival, this week's Classic Live Lobos features the band with special guest Flaco Jimenez on Accordion performing 'Volver Volver' at last years festival. Let the countdown begin and enjoy your Cinco de Mayo!

Volver Volver

04.23.13 Los Lobos with Phil and Dave Alvin of The Blasters "Marie Marie" (2012)
Today's Classic Live Lobos features the band with fellow East L.A rockers, Phil and Dave Alvin of The Blasters. Enjoy this great performance of "Marie Marie" from last year's Cinco de Mayo Festival at the Greek. Check back next week for more Classic Live Lobos videos!

Marie Marie

04.16.13 Los Lobos w/Susan Tedeschi "Burn It Down" at Crossroads (2013)
This week's Classic Live Lobos features the band performing "Burn It Down" at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Blues Festival this past weekend reuniting with Susan Tedeschi, who was featured on the album's rendition from, Tin Can Trust (2010). Here is their live version of "Burn It Down." Enjoy!

Burn It Down

04.09.13 Los Lobos w/ Alejandro Escovedo "Rebel Kind" (2012)
Today's Classic Live Lobos features the band with Alejandro Escovedo from Last year's Los Lobos Cinco de Mayo Festival. In addition to this great version of "Rebel Kind," check out some footage of Alejandro and the band playing "Rosalie" together the night before the big festival. Come back next week for more great Los Lobos videos.

Rebel Kind


04.02.13 Los Lobos w/ Neko Case - "Burn It Down" & "One Time One Night" (2012)

As Cinco de Mayo approaches we will be featuring past Cinco de Mayo shows and festivals with Los Lobos and various artists and special guests. Today's episode is from last year's inaugural "Los Lobos Cinco de Mayo Festival," which took place at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. In these videos Los Lobos is joined by Neko Case for two great songs: "Burn It Down" and "One Time One Night". Enjoy!

"Burn It Down"

"One Time One Night"

03.26.13 Los Lobos w/ Isabella Spinelli - "One Time One Night" (2010)

In these videos selected for this week's Classic Live Lobos the band plays with a very special guest, Isabella Spinelli. Isabella is one of many inner city kids who have received music scholarships funded by Los Lobos and who are supported by the band's work with various programs throughout the country. Check out Isabella's impressive violin skills in these two videos. She sure can rock!

Isabella with Los Lobos in 2010.

Isabella again with the band in 2012.

03.19.13 Los Lobos w/ Elvis Costello - "I Got Loaded" (2009)

During the 2009 Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis Los Lobos was joined for a song by Elvis Costello. Together they played "I Got Loaded" as a final song in Los Lobos' set. The fans at the festival thoroughly enjoyed the surprise of Elvis jumping on stage. We hope you enjoy it as well!

03.12.13 Los Lobos w/ Taj Mahal - "Highway 51" (2008)

At a 2008 fundraiser for Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center in San Pablo, CA Taj Mahal jumped on stage to play Highway 51 with Los Lobos. Individually, and as a group, the members of Los Lobos have supported the work and mission of Los Cenzontles, which focuses on providing an arena for young people to learn about and explore traditional Mexican music and dance. Learn more about Los Cenzontles here.

03.05.13 Los Lobos w/ Robert Plant - "Treat Her Right" (2010)
Robert Plant, a surprise guest at the end of Los Lobos' set on June 29, 2010 in Chicago, played "Treat Her Right". Fans were completely surprised, as is evident by the screaming reactions of the fans in the video.

Listen to an audio clip of Dave Miller, editor of as he describes the scene and his personal experience with the surprise. Play Audio Clip

Additionally, in 2010 Robert Plant decided to cover Los Lobos' song "Angel Dance," producing the following video that includes David and Louie in a cameo role, driving Robert around town: Play video

Here is also an article about Plant's cover of Lobos' song - Read LA Times Article

02.26.13 Los Lobos Tribute to Jimi Hendrix - "Little Wing" (2010)
In 2010 Los Lobos joined the all-star line up for the "Experience Hendrix Tribute Tour". Together with many other respected contemporary rock artists they performed music written and inspired by Jimi Hendrix. In this Classic Live Lobos episode we stretch the rules and let David and Cesar take the stage and play Jimi's famous "Little Wing," helping the song and Jimi Hendrix' legacy to live on!

Jimi Hendrix, as for many, was hugely influential during Los Lobos' early years. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Louis Perez recalling the impact of Jimi Hendrix' presence in his adolescent life.

"I actually went to go see him when I was 14 or 15," says drummer-guitarist and principal lyricist Louie Perez, recalling how he had badgered his widowed mother to spend some of the hard-earned money she made sewing clothes in a sweatshop on a ticket to a Hendrix show.

"I sat right down front," he recalls, his voice rising in excitement. "That experience just sort of rearranged my brain cells."

For a full version of this article with more from the band about their early years click here

02.19.13 Los Lobos on Sesame Street - "Elmo and the Lavender Moon" & "El Canelo"
For today's Classic Live Lobos we are taking you to Sesame Street! Los Lobos guest starred on Sesame Street a few times in the early 90s. During one episode they performed "Elmo and the Lavender Moon" helping to demonstrate how music can convey feelings. In another episode Los Lobos did a fun version of "El Canelo". We hope you enjoy these two episodes! Try sharing these videos with the youngsters in your lives and let us know what they think.

02.12.13 Los Lobos w/ Los lonely Boys - "Hey Joe" (2011)
Check out today's Classic Live Lobos featuring Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys in 2011 performing Jimi Hendrix's classic "Hey Joe". Over the years Los Lobos has played with Los Lonely Boys many times, touring together and sitting in for a few songs here and there. But no matter the tour, the venue, or the song, the music that Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys produce when together is always amazing!

02.05.13 Los Lobos w/ Jerry Garcia - "Born On The Bayou - Suzie-Q" (1989)

As many of you may know Los Lobos toured with the Grateful Dead in the 80s and 90s. For this reason we thought it was only fitting to feature Los Lobos playing with Jerry Garcia for one of our Classic Live Lobos episodes. In this clip from 1989 they play a medley that includes "Down On The Bayou" and "Suzie-Q".

Here is a quick excerpt from a 2010 exclusive article with Steve Berlin in which he discusses the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia's support of Los Lobos.

You cover the Grateful Dead’s “West LA Fadeaway” on this album, one of my favorite Dead tunes. You toured with the Dead, and covered “Bertha” on the Deadicated album. Can you talk a little about the intersection of these two bands?

We go back a long way. We played Laguna Seca together, that was the first thing we did I think. Jerry Garcia a huge fan of Los Lobos, and not shy about letting us know that.

The Dead constituency has been very good to us, so accommodating to us over the years. We have noodled around on "West LA" in live shows, but for this record we decided to really learn it and get it down to honor the Dead.

For more from this exclusive interview go to

Here is an additional video just for fun. We all know this song!
01.29.13 Los Lobos w/ Los Texmaniacs and Max Baca - "Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio" (2013)

This week's Classic Live Lobos episode is from Los Lobos' recent performance on Austin City Limits Live. On Friday January 18, 2013 Los Lobos was the 1st band to play as a part of the new "PACHANGA PRESENTS” concert series, a Latin music series co-branded by Austin City Limits Live and the Pachanga Latino Music Festival that will take place throughout 2013. On this tune they are joined by Los Texmaniacs and Max Baca and tear the house down!

01.22.13 Los Lobos w Robert Randolph - "Mas Y Mas" (2004)

Here is a great clip from Los Lobos' 2004 "Live at the Fillmore" performance. Special guest Robert Randolph joined them during the finale for "Mas Y Mas". One music reviewer commented on the virtuosity of this performance by saying "Randolph's and Hidalgo's blistering guitar wars are complemented by an explosive drum solo by Bisetti and Estrada and superlative playing by all the others".

01.15.13 Los Lobos w/ Emmylou Harris and Buddy Miller "Little John of God" (2005)

For our seventh episode we will journey back to 2005 to another wonderful Bridge School Benefit Concert. During their performance Los Lobos was accompanied by Emmylou Harris and Buddy Miller for their song "Little John of God".

Learn more about the amazing work that the Bridge School Benefit does at

01.08.13 Los Lobos w/ Dave Alvin

Today we return to Classic Live Lobos on Tuesdays with an episode from last year's Los Lobos blowout Cinco de Mayo shindig featuring special guest Dave Alvin. Enjoy!

12.31.12 LOS LOBOS W/ JJ GREY - "UP THE LINE" (2007)

Let's ring in the New Year with some Classic Live Lobos! Check out this video of Los Lobos and their special guest JJ Grey from their show at the Blackwater Sol Revue in 2007. More recently, both Los Lobos and JJ Grey played at The Ride Rock and Roll Festival in Colorado this past August.


Since tomorrow is Christmas, this week's Classic Live Lobos comes to you today! Back in 1989 Los Lobos teamed up with Carlos Santana to raise money for victims of the Loma Prieta earthquake at a benefit in Watsonville, California. Together they played Santana's popular hit of the time "Soul Sacrifice" for an enthusiastic crowd. Enjoy!


It's almost Christmas so for today's Classic Live Lobos we thought we would take you back to this time last year when Los Lobos played at Warren Haynes' annual Christmas Jam. Check it out as the guys and Warren tear through a smokin' rendition of 300 Pounds of Joy and Killing Floor during the Pre-Jam. Enjoy!

Check out these great photos from the event.

12.11.12 Los Lobos w/ Bo Diddley - "Who Do You Love?" (1987)

For our second episode, we step back in time to 1987 when the movie "La Bamba" chronicling the life and career of Richie Valens came out and thrust Los Lobos into the public eye. This video features Lobos joining with the great Bo Diddley to play a cover of his 1956 hit "Who Do You Love?" for the La Bamba Rock and Roll Review.

12.04.12 Los Lobos w/ Neil Young - "Cinnamon Girl"

In our first episode, in honor of wrapping up a series of shows playing with Neil Young, we have a double-dose of Los Lobos performing 'Cinnamon Girl'. The first is performing with Neil Young at his annual Bridge School Benefit at the Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA on October 29, 2005. Learn more about the amazing work that the Bridge School Benefit does at

The second one is a look at how the tune sounds as a often-played encore of the Los Lobos set, this one at Fort Collins, CO August 19, 2007.

If you still want more, try this version from the Oregon Zoo on July 7, 2009 in Portland, OR.